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Long Comic Storage Box and Lid 1 ct. - BLV7O7YOD

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  • Extra thick, reinforced handles to prevent tearing while carrying at full capacity

  • No glue construction to avoid contaminants and accelerated decay

  • About a half inch wider to accommodate thicker comics and packaging

  • Flush front and back panels to prevent comics bowing at the ends

  • Holds 250-300 comics

  • Gemini Comic Supply has reinvented comic storage with this roll-end style long box made with extra thick handles, heavy duty double-wall corrugated board, and no glued seems. This box was designed with the retail customer in mind and is made to withstand rough handling, stacking, and shelf wear. The width of the box has been expanded from industry standard to accommodate wider comics such as Golden Age and Mylar bags.

    Long Comic Storage Box and Lid 1 ct. - BLV7O7YOD